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ssh and scp on the Raspberry Pi from Windows

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Je les ai tout de même laissés, ils ont peut-être encore une utilité.

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ssh and scp on Windows for Rasperry Pi 

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  • ssh allows to access the Raspberry Pi from ouside in console mode

  • scp allows to transfer files between the RaspBerry Pi and an external computer

References for installation:

We can select an installer or copy the software directly into a directory we should remember for later execution!

The IP address of the Raspberry PI 

Before using ssh or scp, we need to find out the IP adress using sudo ifconfig:

The IP address is here

ssh (secure shell) with putty

We can start the putty.exe application for instance from the Windows command start:

Here we have already defined a saved session: no need to retype the IP address.

We can now enter the user pi and the password raspberry if we didn't change it in the first setup:

The session is now active and we can now work in the same way as in a terminal session directly on the Raspberry Pi:

Useful commands and configuration:
  • Ctrl-L to clear the content of the window
  • Click on the tittle bar with the right mouse button, change settings..., Window appearance, Font, and for instance Courier 12 points

scp (secure copy) with winscp

We can start the WinSCP.exe application for instance from the Windows command start:

This is the same as for ssh, with the ip address, the iser and the password, and we can save our configuration fpr later use:

When connected we will see the two parts where we can transfer files in one or another direction:

There are many sites on Internet where we can find a number of good descriptions.
This one is particular impressive:

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