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Discovering the Raspberry Pi / Gertboard - Part B

Décembre 2018: Mes articles sur ce site date de 2013!
Je les ai tout de même laissés, ils ont peut-être encore une utilité.

Il vaut mieux consulter ce site: http://Mon livre sur Java, Python et le Raspberry Pi 3

A first example with the Gertboard

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The Gertboard revision I have used is marked 21 Oct 2012.

The related Gertboard User Manual document version 2.0 (Gertboard_UM_with_python.pdf) describing the hardware can be found in

Playing with the Gertboard leds

The Gertboard fits directly onto the GPIO pins of the Raspberry Pi via a double row of pins socket on the back of the Gertboard.

We can see some leds active on the top.
The straps (the coloured wires) and jumpers as explained in this nice tutorial here:

where we can find everything about the hardware and the software. This is not my intention to repeat here this information.

The wiring diagram for the LED test program is also described in the Gertboard User Manual at page 21.

To download the Gertboard C software, we can go for instance to the Web site

I have downloaded the file into my Raspberry working directory and to install and compile the software:

cd gertboard_sw
make all

and to execute the program:

sudo ./leds

We could have a look at the leds.c source code to see how patterns are used for the leds and maybe understand what happens if we do not have enough wiring cables between the "GP" and "B" pins.

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